AALI – PT. Astra Agro Lestari Tbk

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JAKARTA. Declining Crude Palm Oil (CPO) sales caused Astra Agro Lestari (AALI)’s total revenue to decline by 9.99% YoY in Q3 2019, from Rp 13.76 trillion in Q3 2018 to Rp 12.39 trillion. The company’s net profit also fell by 90.11% from Rp 1.12 trillion to Rp 111.18 billion. 

According to the company’s financial statements revealed at IDX yesterday (30/10), the company’s revenue from the sales of CPO and its derivatives fell by 6.79% YoY, from Rp 12.05 trillion to Rp 11.23 trillion. Sales revenue from palm kernel and its derivatives sales also fell by 33.87% YoY from Rp 1.56 trillion to Rp 1.03 trillion. In addition, sales revenue from other products also fell by 18.94% from Rp 151.58 billion to Rp 122.88 billion. 

Meanwhile, the decline in sales was followed by an increase in selling expenses and funding costs, which rose by 16.59% (YoY) to Rp 335.97 billion and 49.92% (YoY) to Rp 252.3 billion, respectively. AALI’s cost of revenue rose by 0.48% YoY, from Rp 11.12 trillion to Rp 11.17 trillion.

All of this caused the company’s net profit also fell by 90.11% (YoY), from Rp 1.12 trillion to Rp 111.18 billion. 

As of Q3 2019, AALI’s assets was recorded at Rp 27.65 trillion, 2.96% higher compared to the record at the end of last year. Meanwhile, liabilities rose by 17.23% year to date (ytd) to Rp 8.64 trillion, while the company’s equity which dropped by 2.45% ytd to Rp 18.99 trillion. (AM/AR)