Marugame Udon noodle chain expanding in Southeast Asia


JAKARTA, IDFinancials – Tokyo-based dining chain operator Toridoll Holdings Corp. has recently opened new outlets serving Japanese-style udon noodles under the Marugame Udon brand in three Southeast Asian countries.

Tridoll opened four outlets in Indonesia, two in Vietnam and one in the Philippines over a two-month period and now operates 240 outlets that have rights to the brand, also known as Marugame Seimen, outside Japan, according to the company and the brand’s local operator in Jakarta.

In Indonesia, one restaurant each opened in Jakarta and Bogor, while one delivery-only shop started operations in December.

One more restaurant began serving customers in the capital earlier this month with plans in the works to add nearly a dozen outlets in the country by the end of 2021.

Hajime Kondo, director of PT. Sriboga Marugame Indonesia, told IDFinancials that more weight will be put on locating small restaurants in commercial buildings and running delivery-only shops rather than operating at big shopping malls.

The robust operational scheme comes despite the latest wave of coronavirus infections gripping the country.

Under the county’s large-scale social restrictions, shopping centers are allowed to open only until 7 p.m. and restaurants are allowed to operate up to 25 percent of capacity.

Kondo said his company finds it difficult to issue an earnings projection under the circumstances during the first half of the year. (IDFinancials/Kyodo)

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