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JAKARTA. PP Presisi Tbk prepares a number of strategies to pursue its revenue and net profit growth targets, 39% and 20%, respectively.

Investor Relations at PP Presisi Bambang Suyitno explained that his party had prepared a number of strategies, such as expanding the market, developing its mining service business line, and developing capabilities outside the construction sector, including bioremediation.

With this strategy, PPRE is targeting its revenue to grow by 39% to Rp 5.3 trillion this year, and for its net profit to grow by 20% to Rp 397 billion, Bambang said as quoted by kontan.co.id, last week.

According to Bambang, his party began to elaborate on projects that would expand its market share. So the company is looking for a number of infrastructure projects such as toll roads, airports, ports and dams.

The company has also collaborated with PT Antam Resourcindo, for the provision of road infrastructure for mining. (AM/AR)